Nipple biting female wrestling and catfighting is the name of the game when two hot bikini lolitas decide to grapple in their beach front apartment. No tit is safe from a biting catfight bitch and these girls are going to prove it!
It all started because pretty little Jennifer was sick of her beautiful Russian roommate Katrina always bragging about how big her black boyfriend's cock was. She'd heard all the "He fuck me like little lolita whore, is like God, da?" she could stand. It was time to open up a good old fashioned can of WHOOP ASS on this bitch's nice behind!...
Courtesy of BikiniFights.Com

Courtesy of BikiniFights.Com

She grabbed her by the throat and started to throttle her without mercy, all the time yelling "Maybe this will shut you up!" so loud that the old lady that lived below them almost called the cops (they were ALWAYS wrestling and fighting about something) on them...
But Katrina was no push over, and wrestling her to the ground she soon turned the tables on little Jennifer. Jumping on top of her face and screaming "Maybe you like taste MY pussy? American girl like to smell pussy, da?" Katrina was bisexual and had always had a secret thing for Jennifer...
Courtesy of BikiniFights.Com

Courtesy of BikiniFights.Com

She tore Jennifer's bikini top off revealing one of her sweet budding pink nipples - then BIT it! OUCH! Nipple biting was something Jennifer had never experienced from another woman before, and truth be told, it both hurt and felt AROUSING at the same time. She didn't know that Katrina was going to give her the tit bite catfight smackdown of a life time...
Her pussy got SO wet as she screamed again and again as Katrina bit her tit and swollen nipple! The old lady down below thought a REAL catfight had broken out from all the screaming and moaning coming from Jennifer's apartment.

She REALLY got an ear full when Katrina stopped biting Jennifer's tits and ripped off her bikini bottoms so she could bite and nibble the poor girl's throbbing little clit! Before the afternoon was over she had made Jennifer into her sweet little lesbian love slave!

Courtesy of BikiniFights.Com

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