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"My sissy husband is such a little wimp. After I put him in my panties and garters I enjoy making him kneel at my feet and polish my high heels. Of course if he doesn't do a proper job I take him into the bedroom and make him masturbate to some hardcore gay porn magazines I keep for just such occasions. I tell him I'm going to pimp his sissy ass out for pleasing hairy men at the docks..." Free Sissy Husband Picture

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Free Sissy Husband Picture

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"My sissy husband just never learns to take his humiliation in silence. He's always talking back so often I have to tie him up to my t-bar. Just so he knows not to talk dirty, I then stuff a pair of my filthiest panties into his open mouth and tell him to suck them while I please myself with his pathetic little penis. Here you can see me giving the wimp's little cock a good spanking with my paddle...."
"How many times have you heard some proud male say to his wife "Yeah, well kiss my ass!" Not in my house, you won't! Here I'm the boss and when my sissy husband is getting an attitude I drop my panties, bend over and make him use his tongue on my ass! You can bet he soon learns to obey, and if not? Then I take his panties down, spread his clenching asscheeks and ram him hard with my huge black strapon dildo. You should hear him squeal and wimper like a little bitch!..." Free Sissy Husband Picture

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