Like an older woman with muscles? How about a mature female bodybuilder who LOVES to hit the gym to pump weights and COCKS! She works out long hours and has the body to PROVE that mature women only get BETTER with age!
After I turned forty I decided I was going to really push the bodybuilding and fitness routines to get as ripped and shredded as I could. Now, understand I've been into fitness and weight lifting my whole life, but as I got older I found I wanted to make it my "religion". Of course the fact that I am also a professional muscle Dominatrix means having the strength to make submissives obey my EVERY command is a definite plus...
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Look at that ass! Now that's what you call "Buns Of Steel", hehe. Want to get down and KISS my beautiful muscular ass? Only if you decide to become my submissive little sex slave and surrender yourself to me COMPLETELY! Got the "sac" to handle the intense sexual pleasures a mature bodybuilder can INFLICT?...
I love stripping down and showing off my legs in a pair of my favorite high heels. And why not? I got the fit muscular body to pull it off...besides, all my "fans" love to worship my feet and heels - IF I let them! Want to suck my toes, baby? Then get down and let Mistress hear you BEG...
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Many mature women complain about losing their looks as they get older - not ME! I spend long hours in the gym working on my "guns" and yeah, baby, it shows! And my arms aren't the ONLY thing that got bigger, should see my clit! It's fucking huge..and makes me HORNY as hell! I go through SCADS of buff lovers trying to satisfy my hot MILF LUST!...
Want to see more of me NAKED? I'm talking spread and doing the nastiest XXX things to both men AND women in my muscle dungeon of shame! From foot worship, to strapon fucking and punishment enemas, I'll make my little sluts and sissy boys BEHAVE so you can revel in their stinging sexual shame!

I'm a mature bodybuilder and my name is


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