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This MILF hottie decided she wanted to hit the gym and pack on some muscles to look younger and firmer. She already had a healthy sexual appetite, but had no idea that working out and getting ripped would make her so fucking HORNY...
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She started pumping weights and exercising like a world-class champion in training. Bodybuilding also brought out the naughty exhibitionist in her too. She started flashing her tits and firm ass to anyone with a camera. Not that we mind...
WOW! Look at the ass that female bodybuilding has given this delicious naked MILF! Long hours in the gym, hitting the tanning bed and lifting weights has given her the sculpted thighs, firm buns and muscular lines of a real champion. Of course, her clit also got bigger and that had some unforeseen results as well...
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She's now in great shape and horny as a bear in the springtime! She also discovered that not only is she craving a constant assortment of firm hard cocks, she also LOVES a wet pussy! Bisexual and packed with muscles too, what a great combo...
This muscle packed bodybuilder mom now looks forward to showing off her new ripped body and seducing men and women like a teenager in heat. She and some of her other buff girlfriends have a porn site featuring what they term "Bitches With Muscles" doing hardcore HOT, SWEATY and NASTY!

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