When two hot bikini clad roommates get into an argument and start grappling and wrestling on the floor, it's just a matter of time before one gives the other a good dose of moist bikini smother action! Facesitting fans will love our pictures featuring two teen hotties making each other smell the bung and savor the snatch!!!
Cindy had enough of her roommate Marta's snotty attitude and decided to open a can of whoop ass grappling on her! She had caught the hot Hungarian going through her stuff and reading her diary. "I'll kick your ass back to Budapest!" She yelled "Let's see if you tell anyone that I wrote that I like to taste a girl's pussy in my diary when your neck's wrung!"...
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But Marta was no weakling! She had grown up in some of the toughest streets in the Eastern block and knew how to handle herself. She threw little Cindy to the ground and jumped on her. "So! You like pussy, yes?" She sneered "Maybe you like to have some taste of me on your lips!" Cindy fought hard but the other girl was too good a wrestler...
Before little Cindy could say anything, Marta grabbed her by the hair and jammed her face straight into the hot crotch of her bikini bottoms. "There, bitch, you like that, huh?" Cindy gasped and struggled as the warm delicious scent of Marta's moist pussy filled her nostrils! "I give you good facesitting" Marta said "You be my little bitch soon!"...
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Marta rocked her pussy and ass back and forth across little Cindy's face, smothering her roughly while all the time pulling her hair and cursing her. "Slut! I know this is what American girls like!" She taunted "I let you lick later, maybe, yes?" Cindy struggled but deep down she WAS getting turned on by the sweet aroma of Marta's hot bikini covered pussy!...
"Stick out your tongue, bitch!" Marta cursed "Lick my pussy through the bikini!" Little Cindy tried to struggle a little more and than gave in. She knew she couldn't win and that she WAS going to end up having to taste and slurp Marta's shaved moist pussy as the other girl smothered her face with her full pussy lips and engorged clit. She thought she could hold out in this bikini smother wrestling match, but in the end - SHE LICKED!...
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